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Baldur’s Gate 3 Shadowheart Companion Build Guide

Thus, whilst playing Baldur’s Gate 3 in the world of Forgotten Realms, you are to meet many people eager to assist you in preventing the Mind Flayers and the Elder Brain. Among these characters, some of them will be with you at your camp and become your colleagues.

One such friend is Shadowheart, who is one of those Origin Characters; thus, you can start the game as her, or not and play as her after going through the game as your hero. It is now time to make the most of this character Here are tips on how to do it.

Updated by Erin Rice on December 25, 2023: They have included the necessary information about his daughter’s advancement in various levels of bg3 Shadowheart build and what equipment is recommended for her.

BG3 Shadowheart Build Companion Overview

Shadowheart is classified into the Trickery Domain Cleric and High Half-Elf. She first appears when the player is fleeing the Nautiloid together with Lae’zel. If you choose to save her from the likes of Mind Flayer pod, she will be very grateful. Even if you do not assist her, you are able to encounter her after the Nautiloid has fallen down. Yes, Shadowheart build bg3 objectively and can be considered a good person who went through harrowing events during her childhood. She also falls under the romance category if that is what you are looking for in her personality. Listen to her and observe her personal space or ‘no touch’ zone to make her happy. She cannot tell others about her worship of Shar because the religion is considered taboo, so expect the unexpected as the story’s narration goes on.

Shadowheart is most probably the character you’ll have in your team for the vast majority of the game. She is undoubtedly one of the finest companions, and she is also the only healing class among them, which could prove to be of great help on the battlefield. Although it is appropriate to have a lot of healing items, Shadowheart’s healing abilities are incredible. Thus, in order to maximize her effectiveness, she has the objective of being a dedicated healer.

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Best Shadowheart Build BG3 Subclass

Deciding upon the best subclass for Shadowheart will help her become even more valuable for your group. Shadowheart is initially portrayed as a Trickery Domain Cleric, but based on the strategies that you want to take, you might want to consider some other subclasses for her.

Trickery Domain Cleric

Role: Support and utility

Features: Being a Trickery Domain Cleric, Shadowheart gets spells and abilities that are concerned with stealth, deception, and illusions. Due to those, this subclass is great for players who are going to use Shadowheart build bg3 in combat to heal themselves/friends and gain specific bonuses, such as having two instances of character with Mirror Image ability or becoming invisible with Disguise Self.

Pros: Has unique spells and actions that can overturn the battle situation by utilizing the strength of strategy.

Cons: The direct strength of the heal and protection spells, as with many of the cleric domains, may not be as powerful.

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Life Domain Cleric

Role: Primary healer

Features: The Life Domain revolves around enhancing spells and actions associated with healing; Shadowheart will be an even more effective healer because of this. She gets to spells like Bless and Cure Wounds, but her subclass features improve these.

Pros: Enhances the healing factor, which means that your party will be in optimum health to deal with whatever comes their way.

Cons: It has fewer utility and attacks than the Trickery Domain.

Light Domain Cleric

Role: Offensive support

Features: Talents of Light Domain bring to Shadowheart incredible attacks – Burning Hands, Fireball, and some healing spells.

Pros: It gives her a lot more power in her hands and allows her to take care of mobs with ease.

Cons: She is balanced between offense and healing, which can be an advantage and disadvantage since she is not very specialized.

War Domain Cleric

Role: Combat support

Features: The War Domain provides Shadowheart with abilities to increase her and her allies’ combat efficiency. She is able to acquire spells such as Divine Favor, which increases attack and damage rolls, and War God’s Blessing.

Pros: Turns her into a fighting asset that can both lay down attacks and provide aid.

Cons: It is not as centered upon curing as the life domain.

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In general, the Life Domain Cleric is considered to be the optimal class for Shadowheart for most players. This subclass enhances her healing potential to the highest degree, making her a vital figure in your party’s defense. As for the outcome, with a keen focus on sneak and some utility, stay with the Trickery Domain Cleric. If you wish to get her to be a bit more of a fighter offensively, then you might want to consider the Light Domain Cleric or the War Domain Cleric.

I recommend picking the subclass that will allow you to play in a manner you enjoy and suit your group’s make-up to the fullest.

BG3 Shadowheart Build: Level Progression – Best Level

At the times of leveling up, there are Cantrics, Spells, and Feats that the player has to choose for Shadowheart. Below are the key brands corresponding to each category’s best products.

Best Cantrips

Cantrips can be cast at any time and don’t require any preparations to be performed beforehand. At level 1, you get three transmogrified slots.

1GuidanceGives allies a +1d4 to Ability Checks
1ResistanceGives a bonus to Saving Throws
1Sacred FlameProvides a damage spell
BG3 Best Cantrips

Best Spells

Spells are crucial for Shadowheart’s healing capabilities. Here’s a breakdown of the most useful Cleric spells.

BanishmentBanishes target to a different plane of existence for two turns
CommandCommands a creature to run away
Death WardIf a character reaches 0 HP, their HP increases to 1
Divine StrikeDoes Radiant Damage to enemies
Freedom of MovementCancels any Difficult Terrain effects on a character
Glyph of WardingCasts a circle that triggers a specified magical effect when stepped on
Greater RestorationHeals effects and poisons
Guardian of FaithSummons Guardians to attack those within the radius
Guiding BoltDeals 4d6 Radiant Damage and grants an Advantage
Healing WordHeals a character for 1d4
Inflict WoundsDeals 3d10 Necrotic Damage
Mass Cure WoundsHeals up to 6 characters within a 30-foot radius
Mass Healing WordHeals up to 6 characters for 1d4+3
RevivifyRevives a character
SanctuaryProtects a character from damage as long as they don’t cause damage
Shield of FaithUses a Bonus Action to grant 2 Armor Class to a character
Spirit GuardiansCalls spirits to deal 3d8 Radiant or Necrotic damage to nearby enemies each turn and slows enemies’ movement speed by half
Spiritual WeaponSummons a weapon that deals 1d8 damage to enemies and is considered a Bonus Action
Turn UndeadTurns undead within the radius
Warding BondGrants a selected character +1 to Armor Class and Saving Throws and resistance to all damage (Shadowheart shares the damage done to this character)
Bg3 Best Spells

Best Feats for Shadowheart

Feats provide additional abilities and effects. You gain them every 4 levels. Initially, focus on Ability Improvement Feats to increase Wisdom, enhancing your healing abilities.

Best Feats

Leve4: Ability Improvement, Effect Add +2 to Wisdom

Leve8: Ability Improvement, Effect Add +2 to Wisdom

Leve12: War Caster, Effect Allows you to select offensive spells to use as reactions

Leveling Progression Breakdown

Here’s how you should handle each level for Shadowheart:

LevelSpells Lineup
1Cantrips: Guidance, Resistance, Sacred FlameSpells: Cure Wounds, Guiding Bolt, Healing Word, Inflict Wounds, Shield of Faith
2Spells: Switch Cure Wounds for Command
3Spells: Spiritual Weapon
4Feat: Ability Improvement – +2 to WisdomSpells: Warding Bond
5Spells: Revivify
6Spells: Sanctuary
7Spells: Spirit Guardians
8Feat: Ability Improvement – +2 to Wisdom
Spells: Freedom of Movement
9Spells: Mass Cure Wounds
10Spells: Greater Restoration
11Spells: Death Ward
12Feat: War Caster
Spells: Turn Undead
BG3 Leveling Progression Breakdown

BG3 Shadowheart Build: Combat Guide, and Secrets

Heal Allies: Keep attention to healing allies instead of dealing damage to make sure tanks can elemental storm without being interrupted.

Bonus Action Heal: Action has to be used to its fullest, and your bonus action should be spent on healing since primary actions are the basis of your healing.

Range: Stay at mid-range from Thunor to perform your melee heal or attack while not being seen by your allies.

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Shadowheart Build bg3 Companion Summary Guide

Recruit Shadowheart: Meet with Shadowheart by the shoreline near the Ruins.

Cleric Spell Mechanics: Perform spells wisely, and do not waste your chips on attacks or damage-dealing abilities, always try to restore allies’ health instead.

Subclass: As a side note, rebuke Shadowheart to the Light Domain Subclass at Level 3 for the most powerful healing and damaging.

Shadowheart Race: Thus, with the help of High Half-Elf, she has an optimal blend of both warfare and spells.

Skills: In this case, one should pay attention to those skills that embrace her healing abilities and her fight against the opponent.

Ability Score: Distribute the ability scores to boost her Cure and fight prowess.

Cleric Spell Slots: This way, you should have all types of spells you need to proceed with available by the time you will reach the stage needing them.

Level Progression: Acquiring more levels for Shadowheart will enhance her combat prowess and her skills in spell casting.

Gear: Armour her in such a way that she can move around for healing and engaging in the battles.

Consumable Items: Equip consumable items that will be used to improve her healing and fight potential.

Gameplay Tips and Tricks: Buy her food that will help her provide her optimal performance Use the above tips as guidelines.

Additional Tips and Recommendations

Romance Shadowheart: To make Shadowheart love you, you must leave him alone and let him do what he wants. She is more of an anti-hero, and her background is tragic; her storyline can turn darker at any one time.

Avoid Conflicting Companions: Although Shadowheart is a very useful character, do not take her if you have Lae’zel on your team because they are enemies.

Use Guiding Bolt Wisely: Use Guiding Bolt at range or where the target is above or below the creature so that it gains an advantage on the roll.

Inflict Wounds: Inflict Wounds are better in close quarters, and the attack does not suffer a Disadvantage when the PC is Threatened.

Healing Word: Pick up downed party members by selecting Healing Word, after which they can continue performing actions.

Guidance Cantrip: When it comes to talking, extra d4 can go into Guidance Cantrip to dialogue rolls or for set lockpicking and trap disarming when succeeded.


Shadowheart is one of the strongest companions in Baldur’s Gate 3 and can fit into almost any build type. This guide will teach you how to get the most out of her powerful Skills and Enchantments. She needs to be healed and use her spells as per the fight, while the use of gear and consumables should also be well considered.

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