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GTA 6 release for PS4, PS5, Map, Trailer, Leaks 

Almost every player gets self-enjoyment from the GTA series, and every new game’s release provides various absorbing and intriguing gaming aspects. The epic form that GTA 6 will be launched in 2025 is also a motivating factor. Rockstar officially confirmed it. Rockstar’s unveiling of GTA 6 brought its eager fans details about the storyline, characters, gameplay style, and release date of this latest installment. In this article you will be able to know about GTA 6 release for PS4, PS5, Map, Trailer, Leaks.
GTA 6 is formally under development and is no longer simply a rumor. The trailer, anticipated in December 2023 after a year filled with speculation and leaks, revealed GTA 6’s expected 2025 console release. PC specifications remain pending confirmation.
Moving forward, let’s dive into our article on GTA 6 release for PS4, PS5, Map, Trailer, Leaks

GTA 6 Official Trailer

An issue in GTA 6 is that its storyline takes place in Vice City, but we have yet to learn what the mission is, and we haven’t seen anything iconic to the players. One thing in the trailer that enhances player interest is its intense graphics, which make it the most awaited game. After the trailer, it left many questions in mind about the GTA 6 PS4 or Xbox series or not. Because of the trailer and leaked GTA 6 map, it confirms it is on the console. This article provides confirmed details on GTA 6, addressing questions about its cover, leaks, crossplay, and release, following the trailer and circulating rumors. So stay tuned with us to know about GTA 6 PS4;

Essential info about GTA 6 from its first trailer;

Here are the confirmed details of GTA 6 from its first trailer. We get very close to its setting, release date, and character after the trailer. Get info here;

  • GTA 6 Release date: something is coming in 2025 on the console, but it has yet to be confirmed that it will arrive on the PC.
  • GTA 6 Setting: Vice City, Leonida, Florida, a modern-day parody of Miami.
  • GTA 6 Characters: Bonnie and Clyde-inspired duo Lucia and Jason.
  • Cars on GTA 6: Porsche-like sports car and the Pfister Comet

When is GTA 6 coming out to play?

Regarding the GTA 6 release, many queries will pop into your mind. When does it come? On which platform? The release of Grand Theft Auto 6 in 2025 remains uncertain. Early supporters indicate the first trailer is expected in 2025. As for the release dates of the PC edition, there has yet to be any confirmation, and I regard this as one of the factors that make the die-hards of GTA feel unsettled. Yet Rockstar has yet to officially announce the exact release date and the most awaited GTA 6 game. 

The biggest event attached to the launch of GTA 6 is the trailer release in December 2023. The trailer provides an excellent plot overview, setting, and characters. In this trailer, we see its official mention of when it will be out or when it will be out in the year 2025. Introduced in Feb 2022, GTA 6 has sparked countless rumors and leaks, making the wait lengthy and intense. And now, with the GTA 6 trailer, there’s no doubt about when this game will be launched. Players had seen the demo, which was beautiful and blasting, hooking them up for further fantastic experiences.

Grand Theft Auto (GTA) 6 trailer

In a tweet published in Feb 2022, Rockstar formally announced the GTA series and the impending release of GTA 6. It is only confirmation that the latest entry in the GTA series is under development; Rockstar has yet to provide more detailed information about it. The players are waiting for the GTA 6 news after its confirmation, but they have not received anything this year. The first GTA 6 look is to come out on 4 December 2023, and Rockstar will officially present it after the GTA 6 leaked online. After its confirmation, Rockstar gave no info about it, which is why many leaked GTA 6 maps and GTA 6 screenshots, which made the developer active. Rockstar removed all GTA 6 leaks by giving copyright claims to remove it. 

Scenes: The initial GTA 6 trailer revealed that the story is set in Vice City, on its beaches and bars. Alligators are also seen in the trailer. 

Duration: The trailer is approximately 91 seconds long. It introduces the first female protagonist in Grand Theft Auto VI, Lucia, who seems to be going on a criminal spree a la Bonnie and Clyde with her companion.

Activities: The trailer’s scenes of burglaries with guns, police pursuits, and widespread chaos highlight the franchise’s customary emphasis on criminal activity and humorous observations of American culture.

The story hints: The trailer gives clues about the GTA 6 story, such as Lucia spending time in prison, the mystery heist the two are attempting, and their seeming romantic relationship.

On which platform will be GTA 6?

According to Rockstar, the first trailer of GTA 6 confirmed that the game will officially come to play in 2025. But here, regarding the platform on which the game is available. After the expert’s comment, it is known that the game GTA 6 will be released in 2025 only on the PS5 Xbox series. It has yet to be determined that this game will be released on the PC. The publisher, Rockstar Games, is developing new generation platforms after the primary release. These platforms will bring parity to the most prominent titles, providing them available on PC and consoles.

Will GTA 6 be for Xbox One and PS4?

No, Xbox One and PS4 do not support GTA 6. It is terrible news for GTA 6 PS4 users and Xbox One. Rockstar Games confirmed that GTA 6 PS4 and Xbox One device users cannot play this game. It is confirmed that GTA 6 is only for PS 5 and Xbox series devices, but the PC release date has yet to come out. Here is the question in your mind: why is GTA 6 PS4 not possible to play? The reason is the technological issues and limitations;

Why not on PS4 and Xbox One

The hardware of the previous generation consoles would limit the DualSense capacity and the power required to run a Rockstar universe, which would also impact the game’s potential to reach excellent graphics. Therefore, GTA 6 will not be available on PS4 and Xbox One.

GTA 6 leak story, screenshot, and videos

GTA 6 is set in Vice City, where a fictional character based in Miami, Florida, is located. In 2022, GTA 6 news about its leaks surrounds the gaming community. The leaks disturb the developers, and Rockstar Games sends copyright claims for these leaks. 

First leak of GTA 6

The first major leak on 18 September 2022 unveiled a vast amount of unfinished content from GTA 6.2. It raises numerous questions about whether or not the GTA 6 leak is authentic. This was later confirmed to be genuine by Rockstar Games.

Rockstar’s statement about the leak: 

“We recently went through a network attack in which a third-party organization illegally accessed and downloaded sensitive data from our systems, including initial development material for the upcoming Grand Theft Auto.” he continues, “We are feeling incredibly disappointed on the leaking of our upcoming game by this way. We will update you about our new entry very soon. Thanks for your support in this situation.” 

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GTA 6 forums

Following the initial leak of GTA 6 screenshots and videos, GTA 6 Forums quickly acted within 48 hours, using copyright claims to remove these leaks and ban the related IDs and sites to prevent severe action from Rockstar. The devoted GTA 6 Reddit has also removed all of the leak’s images, videos, and links and promised to remain current but only under one condition: “We will let conversations about the leak without attaching the leaks. We prohibit comments containing download links for the leak.” Developers and owners of the game brought the people who leaked GTA 6 screenshots and videos to trial. The youngster suspected of leaking a large amount of GTA 6 is mentally unfit to stand trial. 

Leaked GTA 6 map 

The official GTA 6 map has yet to be revealed; there are hints from the leaked footage and displays that point to a play area outside of Vice City. On 25 January 2024, a known person shared the GTA 6 leaked map and said he got this information from a Rockstar Games employee. All information about the location and map is seen in the leaked GTA 6 map. It may be a vice city based in Leonida, Florida, and Miami. The GTA 6 mapping community continued to design new Vice city maps before the official launch of the game after the GTA 6 map was leaked.

The leaked GTA 6 map shows 3 significant islands in screenshots, videos, and small locations and points. Rockstar games experienced many leaks, but the map of GTA 6 is still a mystery for players. Later, game developers confirmed that there is only one island, Vice City Beach Island, from 3D universe mapping. Interestingly, gamers believe GTA 6 will have a far bigger map than GTA 5 based on the trailer. 

GTA 6 game free download

After the first trailer, fans loved GTA 6 and could no longer wait for its launch. But the official game has yet to be released. However, due to leaks of the GTA 6, one coder made the GTA 6 beta code and accessed it. The coder downloaded it on his computer, and then, after applying the coding techniques, he made a GTA 6 APK file to download for others. However, it is illegal, and game developers filed criminal cases against the coder. 

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Final words 

To sum up, GTA 6 is a new entry in the GTA series with an impressive graphic and engaging story. Its development will be confirmed in 2022 by Rockstar Games. After that, it faces many leaks, which badly affect the game. Rockstar Games sends copyright claims to those publishers of the leaks. The trailer released last year disclosed that the GTA 6 is expected to be officially out in 2025 on consoles, but we still have to wait for the PC requirement to be confirmed. If there is still any confusion about GTA 6, ask us in the comment section. Stay tuned with us for more details about GTA 6.