GTA 6 Leaks Action Game PC Review

Leaked GTA 6 gameplay and location of Vice City

GTA 6 is a new big entry in the GTA series. As we see its first trailer last December, which is 91 seconds, there is little info about the gameplay of GTA 6. Do you want to know about GTA 6 gameplay? Here, we will present GTA 6 gameplay along with GTA 6 system requirements and show you the GTA 6 cast. So stay tuned with us to glimpse the GTA 6 through its leaks. 

The new release date is yet to be set by Rockstar, while GTA 6 is a big game, which serves as its latest iteration, made 10 years after GTA 5 came out. The gaming market leaked the gameplay of GTA 6 in the year 2022. GTA 6 gameplay trailer suggests it’s similar to its predecessor, GTA V. We get GTA 6 gameplay details through multiple leaks and see all locations. However, leaked footage of GTA 6 highlights that Rockstar is working on new mechanisms and weapons. 

Rockstar faces massive leaks or hacks, and after the first trailer, it is clear how much hype is around the game. People come to its few points from trailers like the protagonist and vice city location. However, most of the details are seen through GTA 6 leaked gameplay. Let’s check its GTA 6 gameplay leak;

GTA 6 leaked gameplay sparks debate

GTA 6 faced multiple leaks before its first trailer, and then Rockstar decided to launch its first look. Before releasing the first trailer on the announced date, Rockstar was forced to launch it 13 hours from the date and time due to leaks on Twitter. Many unverified clips go viral on Twitter and TikTok in seconds, and one major leak is 90 the 90-minute-long gameplay of GTA 6. The 90-minute gameplay video is alarming for Rockstar games. GTA 6 leaked gameplay ruins the charm and moment of the game, but fans still like its first trailer, which got 56 million views and 7 million likes within 12 hours after its launch. 

First official GTA 6 gameplay trailer

The first official trailer of the GTA 6 gameplay was released in December, which was forced by hackers to release. It featured shady nightclubs, wild stunts, and exquisite vehicles. The first trailer has two shots of the GTA 6 nightclub footage. Many rumours appear about the characters of GTA 6. In leaks, it is highlighted that 6 characters, but still, 2 characters, Jason and Lucia, are confirmed. Now fans are curiously waiting for Grand Theft Auto trailer 2. Rockstars do not announce any date for GTA 6 trailer 2. There are some features of the GTA 6 gameplay trailer;

Protagonists: Jason and Lucia

Location: Vice City

Period: Modern day

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GTA 6 Mud girl in trailer

Devoted followers of the Grand Theft Auto video game franchise have attempted to uncover every detail in the teaser. Nothing eludes their keen eyes, not even the tiniest details or the replication of actual events. GTA 6’s mud girl is one aspect that fans noticed. She only makes a fleeting appearance in a single shot. Audiences are curious about the mud girl and want to find out who she is. The natural character of the mud girl reveals her identity over the internet, and her name is Peach Jars.

Hackers leak major GTA 6 gameplay.

The new entry in Grand Theft Auto was announced in 2022, and it faced its first leak at the end of the year; after that, many clips or shorts of the big game leaked out. Rockstar announced its first trailer, but it still faced leaks. 

  • One major GTA 6 gameplay leak in the gaming community is 90 minutes, almost showing all locations, weapons, vehicles, environments, and mechanisms. 
  • The catastrophic claimed leak of over 90 videos originated on Sunday from a user on known only as “teapot uberhacker.” Rockstar sources have verified the authenticity of the material.
  • One clip on Twitter shows one female playable character exploring the map. After the female character leaks the clip, Lucia’s presence is confirmed. 
  • The GTA 6 leaked gameplay menu features weapons, a nightclub environment, and a shooting mechanism, which spread over the internet in seconds, and this is a significant loss for Rockstars.
  • In one leak, the metro of Vice City is shown, which confirms that the game location is a Vice City.

GTA 6 gameplay location leak

GTA 6 gameplay faces many leaks that are not confirmed, but after the first trailer, it is confirmed that all leaks are almost original. In one leak, the Vice City location was leaked out. Several well-known GTA 6 Vice City locations were mentioned in leaks;

  • Ocean View Hotel 
  • Malibu Club 
  • Little Haiti
  • Washington Beach

Hacker attacks on GTA 6 data in the 2022 incident show off many Grand Theft Auto 6 locations, which encouraged players to construct maps of where they think everything flows. Now, the scenes mentioned in the leaked clips may change by developers. All leaked moments have not been 100% confirmed to appear in the game’s final result. 

Minor features of the GTA 6 leaked gameplay

As we know, GTA 6 gameplay leaked in the gaming market before its first trailer. Here is the list of the features of the GTA 6 gameplay;

  • It has a very low crouch as compared to Grand Theft Auto 5. 
  • Strategic and eye-catching robberies come via missions. 
  • Multiple methods to interact with NPCs
  • It is a club that a lot of Grand Theft Auto fans usually go 
  • Many costumes or dresses for the game protagonist characters
  • Numerous global events (like the Scarface Crime Scene or the Beach Bum Preacher)
  • There are many interiors to explore, including a diner and an inexpensive-looking apartment
  • The capacity to lift and release armaments as stations sell gumballs to players
  • Vice City Metro seems to be a means of getting around

Many other things in GTA 6 are not seen in leaks. It is important to note that these leaks have not been confirmed. All these rumours are unverified; in most cases, rumours or leaks are wrong. One thing is that the leaks may be likely accurate, but the game is still in the developers’ hands. They can change these leaked scenes and add new moments. So don’t believe in the leaks and wait for the final release. 

GTA 6 system requirements 

Since the release of the Grand Theft Auto VI trailer, players have been curious about the type of PC required to play this upcoming open-world Rockstar game; However, officials have not yet provided any specifications on the system requirements for GTA IV, although technical analysis suggests what one might expect from such an upgrade. Discover below the tentative minimum and recommended specs of Grand Theft Auto 6;

GTA 6 minimum requirements

Memory: 12 GB

Graphics Card: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1660

CPU: Intel Core i5-6600K

File Size: 150 GB

OS: Windows 10, most likely

GTA 6 recommended requirements

Memory: 16 GB

Graphics Card: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 2080 SUPER

CPU: Intel Core i7-8700K

File Size: 150 GB

OS: up to Windows 11


Is GTA 6 crossplay?

GTA 6’s cross-platform status has yet to be confirmed. Rockstar must release more specific information before it is clear if it will support crossplay. 

Will GTA 6 be on the PS5 and Xbox series? 

Of course, GTA 6 has been released for PS5 and Xbox series only. It is a pity, but not for PS4.

How much GB will GTA 6 have?

Rumours that Grand Theft Auto VI would have a whopping file size of 320GB are causing ripples among gamers who can hardly wait to get their hands on it. Rockstars has not officially announced the file size.

Final words 

The first trailer for GTA 6 shows gameplay where several scenes capture the attention of gamers. After the trailer, gamers are curious about GTA 6 gameplay. Multiple leaks appear in the market, revealing the gameplay of the grand theft auto 6. But still, these leaks remain unverified; all leaked footage of GTA 6 gameplay could be fake. The game has a fantastic story and gameplay, observed throughout the leaks and rumours. Let’s see in the future whether these GTA 6 leaked gameplay is authentic or not.